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Clare Waight Keller knows how to bring out the best in your inner feminine soul. Timeless and natural creations adorned with crispy colored shapes let everyone escape from colder winter days. “The effortless simplicity of French Style”.

Running through the narrow streets with no goal or settlement. The sound of heeled shoes clamber up the fronts of the buildings that reframe the block of houses. Once in a while laughter and happiness. Unbounded free spirits playing with time as if there were no rules, as long as summer spreads its sensible heat over the landscapes. 

Diary Entry N°1: Sonia Rykiel

Paris 75006 - Out the door before 9, conversation carries us to the Jardin du Luxembourg. Flowerbeds and weary faces, holding a fresh baguette under their arms surrounded us all the way to the picturesque fountain. Wrapped in tons of fabric, the sun kissed our faces and warmed our bodies in the autumn breeze. Though, our stomachs filled with emptiness, it was finally 10. We made our way up to the Café de Flore, Boulevard Saint-Germain-des-Prés No. 172. Sipping on costly hot chocolate and observing the streets full of hustled people, trying to make their way through the day. The last slice of a blini completed our stay.

No. 175 - Black painted framework strengstens the windows. Followed by pale wood shelvings, covering the whole interior. The first moment my eyes read the name of „Sonia Rykiel“. Infrequent articles of clothing filled the room full of French literature. Stripes and contrasts sheat the mannequins on the rugs full of blooded lips and cigarette motifs. We stayed for a long time, while thumbing through books and aspirating the atmosphere of a feminine touch. 

Later that day - Inquisitiveness made me want to learn more about Madame Rykiel. One of France greatest designers transformed stripes into a representative Parisian style. Resolute women showed off her creations, laughing and smiling on the catwalk, it felt like an afternoon walk on the Champs-Élysées. Finished by dancing and applause. A woman who significantly changed the rule, supported her own ideas and visions. Expressed herself through colors and shapes.